SNSD | Girls' Generation | The Boys

Check out the latest music video ' The Boys' of the top hot Korean girl group SNSD or Girls' Generation. You will see the transformation of SNSD or Girls' generation that they have grown up and matured from their previous aegyo (Cute & Play) image.This is their third album which was released on October 19th debut to international especially to  the U.S. 
In addition to their songs being sold all over the world through iTunes, their single will also be released in the U.S. in November through Interscope Records.Read SNSD Interview.

The music video ' The Boys' has two version of Korean and English.I really like this music video and transformation as they look more feminine and more gorgeous with their fashion and outlooks.The music video itself expresses through the space and time yet a little bit dreamy. How do you think? :D



Juliesse Marie said...

I just watched the video and I can say that it is awesome. I love the Girl's generation not just because they are famous and beautiful but because they are nice and humble.

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