Lee Hyo Ri | TopGirl Fashion

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Lee Hyo Ri | TopGirl Fashion

It's not quite impossible to be K-pop without Lee Hyo Ri. :D Check out hot Korean artist and actress Lee Hyo Ri for TopGirl clothing brand.

Starting out her career from Korean pop girl group Fin.K.L in 1998, Lee Hyo Ri has been a solo
artist after 2000.Lee Hyo Ri has won many awards ' Daesang'(Artist of the Year).It's said she has since become the highest-paid femail singer in South Korea. Lee Hyo Ri also hosted various television programs and now the permanet cast member of the variety show ' Family Outing.' After her latest album ' Hyorish' in 2008, Lee Hyo Ri is back with 'H-Logic' new album in this 2010.