BoA | Most Influential Asian Artist

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BoA | Most Influential Asian Artist

I would say BoA is the most perfect and successful Korean Artist who influenced Asian countries especially where she debuted her album in Korea and Japan. BoA dances very well and she is such a very beautiful Asian girl I have ever seen in the Celebrity world. Presently she sets out to US debuting her latest albums.

As her stage name BoA, her full name is Boa Kwon,born on Nov 5, 1986 in Gyeonggi-do,South Korea. Besides her native Korean, BoA speaks Japanese, advanced English and beginning-level Chinese. She has won a wide following in South Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.
BoA debuted as a singer in South Korea in 2000 when she was only 13 before crossing over to Japan.She is one of the few non-Japanse Asians who have sold over a million albums in Japan.
Let's check her U.S debut single' Eat You Up'. There are two versions I found in YouTube.All the best to her great success!!

In 2008 she released her first single in the US entitled "Eat You Up". It was released on October 21, 2008 to iTunes and other online stores.
The single itself was released on November 11, 2008 in stores.
Instead of releasing the single, the label released a promotional CD containing dance remixes of "Eat You Up". It went on to become a number-one Breakout on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart.
BoA has signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), to boost her North American presence.
"BoA", her first all English album hit number 3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.
This is the first time a Korean singer has entered the Billboard rankings.

In December 2010, Boa will be releasing a calender and she will also be starting a tour of Japan in February.

Boa has released eight Korean studio albums, starting with ID; Peace B in 2000. She has released six Japanese studio albums, the first being Listen to My Heart in 2002.
Her first English studio album, BoA / BoA Deluxe was released in 2009.

BoA also hosted Beat it BoA's World, a radio program on the Japan FM Network from 2001 to 2007.

She has also worked as a spokesmodel, advertising for Olympus, Nike, L'Oréal, Japanese cosmetic company Kosé, Skechers and GM Daewoo.

In the Japanese release of the 2006 computer animated film, Over the Hedge, Boa provided the theme song, the theme song Key of Heart and voiced Heather the opossum in the Korean and Japanese versions.

Boa also did the ending theme for the anime InuYasha, Every Heart: Minna no Kimochi and the opening theme for the anime Monkey Typhoon, Beside You: Boku o Yobu Koe.
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